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DC Fan Filter Unit

FFU Introduction FFU can be used in different levels of cleanroom and ranged variable upon the class. In the mean time,the cleanroom can be built with the range of FFU in a strict environment. This product is made of metal which is no gas pollutant release, low noise and low vibration and  is also applicable to the other filter brands.FFU is a high density cleanroom device which can be used in the industry such as the semicoductor or LCD manufacturing. Implanted in the ceilings it resolves the need for hundreds or thousands modules in a large cleanroom.

1.To prevent motor overheating the installation of protective devices is recommended.
2.Special size available upon request.
3.Filter can be HEPA  or ULPA .
4.Motor has overheat circuit protection
5.Control Box can be hand-controlled or computer program system control
6.Height in above specification doesn’t include  filter

AC VS DC Fan Filter Unit  Comparision

DC-powered unit has the following benefit and advantage
       1.Energy saving as mentioned in ENERGY SAVING COMPARISON.
       2.Low noisy level,it is at least 4dB lower per unit
       3.Computer program ,control whole system,zone,group or individual unit in one touch
       4.Motor has longer life

 INVESTMENT AND RETURN: According to the energy saving all investment should be recovered within one year

1. Cleanroom
2. Clean booth
3. Precision machinery
4. Laser industry,precision machinery
5. Food and beverage manufacturing
6. Biochemical experiments
7. Pharmaceuticals,medical science and hospital
8. Industry of Electronics & semiconductor


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